One-Time Website Upgrade

Many businesses that were ‘early adopters’ and fully understood the benefits of an Internet presence now have websites which are outdated by today’s standards. This can easily lead to maintenance fees much higher than those required for comparably-featured new sites. As the Internet and supporting technologies have continued to evolve and come down in cost, the ‘early adopters’ are faced with the challenge of upgrading their website while still maintaining their prior investment. In most cases, this means creating a ‘new’ website heavily based on the ‘old’ website’. The processes involved are similar to those used for new website creation but the content needs to be transitioned from the prior site. Additionally, both sites will need to be maintained during the transition and the transition must appear seamless to the customer. Creation, transition and maintenance fees must be based on the size of the current website, the new technologies being implemented, and the feature set required. A rule of thumb is that the One-Time Website Upgrade will cost approximately 60% of the cost to completely create (as though you never had a website) a comparably-featured site. $2,000 - several thousand depending on the current site specifications.