Website Maintenance Program

Some businesses have a website that completely fits their current needs but find themselves in a situation where they have no one that can make the desired content changes or additions. This often occurs with ‘home-grown’ websites where the website creator can not perform in a maintenance or support role, either by circumstances or by personal desire. In these cases, the business owner knows they need to have the website updates made but has no one available that is familiar enough with the website software to make those desired changes. Other functions which may be getting left undone are email account maintenance, periodic site backups and customer promotional mailings. A Website Maintenance Program allows the business website and services to be updated with a minimum of effort and cost. This program is a renewable one-year contract with the costs of the initial set-up and changes spread out over the full year’s contract. The Website Maintenance Program is configured as a set number of maintenance hours to be delivered over the full year’s time. If additional hours are required, they get billed at a pre-approved rate on an ‘as needed’ basis. Pricing for the Website Maintenance Program requires a site evaluation be performed.